sudo apt-get install php-zip or; sudo apt-get install php5.6-zip; Then, you might have to restart your web server. sudo service apache2 restart or; sudo service nginx restart; If you are installing on centos or fedora OS then use yum in place of apt-get. example:-sudo yum install php-zip or sudo yum install php5.6-zip and sudo service httpd restart

How to Install and Configure LAMP Server on Ubuntu How to Install and Configure LAMP Server on Ubuntu. LAMP or LAMP stack is a very useful open-source development platform designed for Linux. It is called LAMP as it uses Linux as an OS, Apache as the webserver, MySQL as Relational DBMS and PHP as the scripting language. Installing LAMP on Ubuntu is … apache2 - Find the correct php.ini file - Ask Ubuntu I am currently trying to locate the correct php.ini file to edit it and restart apache so the changes will take place and I'm stumped. I have found three different php.ini files (no idea why there How to Change PHP Version in Apache on Ubuntu Change PHP version in Apache on Ubuntu. The first thing we have to do is to install the desired PHP version on our server. Install Desired PHP Version. To install PHP, we have to add the PHP repository on our server so that we can directly install different PHP versions using apt.

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty LTS had been released not long ago. Ubuntu 14.04 is a LTS (long term support) means it’s very stable which is very good to setup a LAMP server Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (P can be replaced with Perl Or Python). I’m going to show …

Jun 09, 2020 How to Install Apache, MySQL & PHP (LAMP) on Ubuntu 20.04 Apr 28, 2020 Linux and macOS Installation for the Drivers for PHP - SQL

How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack on

Install php on Ubuntu. Install MySQL Server in Ubuntu. Install phpMyAdmin in Ubuntu. Install and Configure Apache web server on Ubuntu 18.04. Apache is the most popular and stable web server for Ubuntu Linux. The Apache HTTP server for Ubuntu 18 provided by the apache2 package. To install apache2 on Ubuntu, open the terminal and execute: Create PHP apps using SQL Server on Ubuntu In this section, you will get SQL Server 2017 running on Ubuntu. After that you will install the necessary dependencies to create PHP apps with SQL Server. Step 1.1 Install SQL Server. Note: To ensure optimal performance of SQL Server, your machine should have at least 4 GB of memory. If you need to get Ubuntu, check out the Ubuntu Downloads PHP script not executing on Apache server - Ask Ubuntu