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A solid rock band formed in Belgrade in the middle of the 2000s, Repetitor have evolved from spiky upstarts into one of the most consistent and respected Serbian bands on the scene today. The trio are in many ways the spiritual successors of the vibrant Yugoslav punk scene, albeit with an undeniable nod to American punk bands like The Stooges. Their live shows also happen to be absolutely Music of Serbia - Wikipedia The Serbian folk music is both rural (izvorna muzika) and urban (starogradska muzika) and includes a two-beat dance called kolo, which is a circle dance with almost no movement above the waist, accompanied by instrumental music made most often with an accordion, but also with other instruments: frula (traditional kind of a recorder), tamburica Music - Serbian music through the ages. Serbian folk music, originating from ritual songs, is often recognized as part of Turkish music, while pop music follows all the world’s trends. There is no celebration without music and singing in Serbia. Coming Soon | YouTube Music

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Free Serbian Sheet Music - Traditional and Classical music Free Serbian Sheet Music . Browse our collection of Traditional and Classical sheet music from Serbia & Montenegro. Trad. Boze pravde (Serbian National Anthem) Trad. Ajde Jano. Trad. Eci peci pec (Serbian trad.) Trad. Sestorka (Serbian Folk Song) Trad. Fatise Kolo (Serbian Folk Song) Trad. Vlasko Oro. Trad. Serbian Medley. Trad. Sasino Kolo. What are some good and popular Serbian songs? | Yahoo Answers

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