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Jun 07, 2020 · How to do a soft factory reset on your Android Box? Go to the Settings menu. This should be at the application Home screen, that resembles the cog icon. On the Settings option, select the Storage & Reset option. Next, select the Factory Data Reset option. You can also view the Internal Storage from Jan 23, 2019 · So that's what to expect in terms of new TV sets and boxes – but Google has some changes to Android TV planned for 2019. There's still Oreo update , which started rolling out to some boxes in May 2018, and it's bringing some tweaks such as a new design with a row for each 'channel' (app) and suggestions for movies/shows/videos to watch from

I’ve just purchased a Plex Pass and installed the android app on my X96 mini android box. Managed to get the app to use TV experience and all but when I play a video there is no sound. The android box is connected to the TV using HDMI. There is nothing wrong with the box, TV or HDMI as I’ve tested with other apps and sound plays with no issues.

Nov 16, 2016 · Starting from Android’s homescreen, please click the icon of two cogs, to be taken to the Settings screen. From here, click the sounds icon, then the Digital sounds icon on the right. If automatic detection has not resulted in the correct socket being used for Audio, select HDMI if you are using this type of connection, and SPDIF if you’re Recently, Xiaomi Mi Box S international received the Android 9 Pie. That means you can use Amazon Prime Video APP on this Android TV box. Most users may don’t know how to connect Xiaomi Mi Box S to Android TV, setting up the network or install applications. Now we make a detail instruction for you.