Data that expires after a specific period of time In some cases, rather than provide a way to delete data, we store it for a predetermined period of time. For each type of data, we set retention

What is customer retention? - Omniconvert Blog Dec 13, 2019 Data retention dictionary definition | data retention defined data retention definition: Storing data for backup and historical purposes. See backup software, archive, disaster recovery and litigation hold. The Rockefeller University » Data and Sample Retention Policy Sequencing Data Retention Due to the large size and high volume of sequencing data, we have very limited capacity for data retention. BCL file retention Illumina sequencers generate raw data in binary base call (BCL) format, which needs to be converted to FASTQ files for further data analysis. Our center uses bcl2fastq Conversion Software, which […]

Data-Driven Customer Retention

Data-Driven Customer Retention Retention and churn are often discussed in the same breath. But churn itself is a symptom, rather than the root problem you’re solving for. Churn prevention and the overall work of retention starts way at the beginning, by building healthy habits that benefit the customer rather than just treating the symptoms and throwing out a lifesaver at the very last minute. 5 Key Steps to Developing a Solid Data Retention Policy Apr 30, 2018

Record Retention and Deletion — Technology Safety

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