A simple way to clear a machine’s entire ARP cache without rebooting, or deleting entries manually or waiting for timeouts. # ifconfig le0 substitute your device and IP address ( equivalent of ” ifconfig le0 down; ifconfig le0 up ) This will clear all the entries in your ARP cache on that interface.

Clear the ARP cache on FreeBSD. Leave a reply. Very useful for pfSense (I’ve only run from the console so far, I assume it would work in the GUI command prompt), keeping for reference: arp -d -a. This entry was posted in Debugging and tagged arp, freebsd, pfsense on August 3, 2011 by admin. ARP缓存时间问题-CSDN论坛 2003-10-5 ARP Commands - Cisco

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2017-9-28 · The software uses ARP cache entries to translate 32-bit IP addresses into 48-bit hardware addresses. Because most hosts support dynamic resolution, you generally need not specify static ARP cache entries. Static entries are permanent entries that map a network layer address (IPv4 address) to a data-link layer address (MAC address).

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