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Amazon VPC - Digital Cloud Training VPC Endpoints: Enables private connectivity to services hosted in AWS, from within your VPC without using an an Internet Gateway, VPN, Network Address Translation (NAT) devices, or firewall proxies. Egress-only Internet Gateway: A stateful gateway to provide egress only access for IPv6 traffic from the VPC to the Internet. AWS Cheat Sheet - Amazon VPC - Tutorials Dojo A diagram of non-default VPC. Accessing a Corporate or Home Network. You can optionally connect your VPC to your own corporate data center using an IPsec AWS managed VPN connection, making the AWS Cloud an extension of your data center.; A VPN connection consists of:. a virtual private gateway (which is the VPN concentrator on the Amazon side of the VPN connection) attached to your VPC.

Dec 12, 2019

VPC Peering allows connectivity between two VPCs. It's just like normal routing between network segments. VPC PrivateLink allows you to publish an "endpoint" that others can connect with from their own VPC. It's similar to a normal VPC Endpoint, but instead of connecting to an AWS service, people can connect to your endpoint.Think of it as a way to publish a private API endpoint without having Full-mesh and transit VPC VPN for AWS

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