2009-9-28 · WHY do you want a new IP address? Nothing will change. Everything will work just the same. This is a pointless exercise. In fact it's the DHCP client that asks for the same IP address it had last time. If the DHCP server can allocate this address it does, otherwise you get a new one.

What information you can get with an IP address | Grown Up Can I find out what state a call was made from an IP address Probably not. At least, not reliably. The IP address usually will allow you to look up who the owner of the IP address is (Verizon, AT&T, etc) and it will show you the address of the headquarters or maybe a local office. How do I force Linux to reacquire a new IP address from 2020-5-18 · You can also use this command: dhclient -r interface Where interface is the device you want to get a new address for.. dhclient -r eth0 The -r flag forces dhclient to first release any leases you have, you can then use this command to request a new lease:. dhclient eth0 From man dhclient:-r Tell dhclient to release the current lease it has from the server.

Solved: Need to get a new IP address - Verizon Fios …

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Solved: Need to get a new IP address - Verizon Fios … Somegirl's advice is spot on; the problem isn't with your IP address but the email service you're using. However, if you still wish to pursue changing your IP address, I've heard it can be accomplished by releasing it from the router, then quickly powering down the router before it grabs a new address.