I tried Port Forwarding not sure if i did it right but nothing likes to work. The only possible i can reach my site is using my Internal Ip my private one and LocalHost and i know the server in online ready for viewers.. I would love to get this solved heres some info on my setup. Windows 7 , 2wire 2701hg-s Router and my ISP does not block port

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Port Forwarding How to - Home Network, Wireless Network

Dec 16, 2010 Port Forwarding How to - Home Network, Wireless Network Port Forwarding How to. Port forwarding is a technique that you can use on router to allow the computers from Internet to access your home network’s servers that only have private IP. Sometimes it’s also call virtual server by some router vendors. Port Forwarding: 2Wire 2700HG-B - Speed Problems

The port information you'll need is specific to the game or application you're using (we don't have this information); check the user information for your game or application; Do an Internet search for port forwarding on your gateway (2Wire, Pace, ARRIS, Actiontec, or Huawei)

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