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Jul 27, 2011 DNS - DNS Servers are on Different Subnets If your servers are actually dispersed or you have other means in place to generate redundancy in your DNS, you can feel free to filter this warning with our Custom Filters settings. RFC 2182 : Secondary servers must be placed at both topologically and geographically dispersed locations on the Internet, to minimise the likelihood of a single Does Google Pubilic DNS block Spamhaus RD… - Apple Community

What is DNS Cluster? The Structure and the Benefits

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The DNS is responsible for translating these domain names to the IP addresses. The DNS is a worldwide network that collectively forms a database of domain names and IP addresses. This database is a global one. The hierarchy consists of DNS servers. A DNS server can be defined as the following. DNS Server. A DNS server is also a web server.

Report for zen-nav.com - DNS Inspect DNS INSPECT. Home ; Blog ; About ; Contact ; Report for zen-nav.com. To reach your name servers via IPv4 an A record is needed for each name server. Name Servers Have AAAA Records OK. Found AAAA records for all name servers. ns10.dnsmadeeasy.com.