Luci is an accessibility tool (html parser written in Perl) designed to provide users with a text-only experience of a web site. Inspired by the Betsie project, Luci offers features such as ssl, cookies, frames, 401 authorization (ie. htaccess), etc

Nov 06, 2014 LUCI v3.1.0 - Getting Started LUCI component styles are available as scss or css and can be added to your Angular app using either method. If you intend to use LUCI's components in your app, it's best to include the entire LUCI library. If you're not using LUCI components in your application but do want to use LUCI's design tokens to style your application you can install OpenWrt-dist - Browse /luci-app at Home / luci-app. Name Modified Size Info Downloads / Week; Parent folder; shadowsocks-spec: 2016-09-11: 21. chinadns: 2016-04-22: 1. redsocks2: 2016-04-22: 14. shadowvpn: 2016-04-22: 0. Totals: 4 Items : 36: Other Useful Business Software. Explore how the MasterControl Platform digitizes, automates and connects quality and compliance across LUCI v3.1.0 - Charts and Graphs

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Luci Connect app lets you customize your light, offering 2 preset moods as well as the ability to create and save up to 5 of your own Control brightness, hue and speed of transition between colors, and conveniently check battery life when light is out of reach Luci For Clash . A rule based custom proxy for Openwrt based on Clash. Install. Upload ipk file to tmp folder; cd /tmp; opkg update; opkg install luci-app-clash_v1.7.5.4_all.ipk; opkg install luci-app-clash_v1.7.5.4_all.ipk --force-depends; Uninstall. opkg remove luci-app-clash; opkg remove luci-app-clash --force-remove; Features. Suport Subscription Config luci-app-shadowsocks-libev_git-20.177.72622-5d4442f-1_all.ipk: 6.5 KB: Fri Jul 10 12:42:14 2020: luci-app-shairplay_git-20.177.72622-5d4442f-1_all.ipk: 2.1 KB: Fri Jul 10 14:43:02 2020: luci-app-siitwizard_git-20.177.72622-5d4442f-1_all.ipk: 4.3 KB: Fri Jul 10 13:17:28 2020: luci-app-simple-adblock_git-20.177.72622-5d4442f-49_all.ipk: 7.1 KB Apr 04, 2017 · It is called luci-app-wireguard and should be available in all major repositories. Why not give it a shot while you are at it? Why not give it a shot while you are at it? You can also check on your WireGuard interface(s) using wg on the command line.


Every Luci light is solar, lightweight, super bright and never needs batteries, now with mobile charging. Starts at just $14.95 · Lasts for years · Free US Shipping on orders $25+ Luci Connect – MPOWERD Inc. A Light for Your Inner Explorer Camping | Adventure | Recreation Lucy Lucy