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If you have the old firestick there should be a very small button directly next to it. If you find it, hold that button down until the light on your chromecast glows red. One it resets, disconnect

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How to connect chromecast with laptop - GadgetScane You can also connect your laptop with yout TV monitor without chromecast but! for that you need HDMI ports to connect these two devices. So if you dont like a bunch of wires chromecast … How To Connect Your Chromecast To VLC? | Stream From VLC The support for Chromecast on VLC arrived with the release of VLC 3.0. Just like it's the case with regular usage, both your PC and Chromecast should be connected to the same WiFi network. If you How to Use Chromecast Without Connecting to Wi-Fi - Make Chromecast will give you a PIN. It’s not essential to note it down, but if you have people waiting to connect already, you can give it to them. Related: How to Reduce Your Idle Chromecast’s Data Usage. Connecting Through Guest Mode. When your guests arrive, they can connect to the Chromecast …